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TRIATHLON... which is the best sport??

My Sport's Funner Than Your Sport

Who has the most fun: swimmers, cyclists, runners, or triathletes? This question was posed to us by Rudy Project North America CEO Paul Craig, and has morphed into a series with some comments from some of our national team members!

Gina (Virginia) Credentials: Strong swimming background, in addition to having a daughter who swims competitively. Known to put her bike on the trainer at swim meet parking lot in between events. Consistently throws down at Ironmans. Swimmers are the toughest:

  • They can sleep anywhere, anytime

  • They can look at nothing but a black line on the bottom of the pool for hours a day

  • They practice for hours a day to cut hundredths of a second

  • Have you ever tried to put on a kneeskin? Those things don’t give.

  • Meets last for 3-5 days, swimming twice a day and warming down in between, while trying to sleep and eat to keep going

Swimmers have the least fun:

  • Morning practice comes way too early

  • You only get to shave your legs a couple times a year

  • Chlorine is not the best perfume

  • Goggle and cap tan lines are not exactly cute

Swimmers have the most fun:

  • They never stop eating

  • Get to hang out with hard bodied, half naked people all the time

  • No one understands your dedication like your teammates

Reece (Kansas)

Credentials: Reece the Beast doesn’t quite rhyme, but it is however accurate. Spends a great amount of his time standing on race podiums, whether triathlons or cycling races. Cyclists are the toughest:

  • Cyclists aren't afraid to share the battlefield with motorists armed with 3,000 lb vehicles

  • Cyclists not only pull their own weight up steep climbs, but also the weight of their bike

  • Cyclists aren't afraid to move at 30, 40 and even 50 mph risking great injury. Cyclists are involved in what are called crashes. What’s the swimmer's or runner's equivalent of a crash? Swimming into the lane line or wall? Running into a tree or bush?

  • You are officially a cyclist when you’ve broken a collar bone. When are you officially a runner? When you poop in the woods? When are you officially a swimmer? When you pee in the pool?

Cyclists have the least fun:

  • You have to maintain and repair your bike

  • Cycling can get expensive: bike, clothes, cleats, bottles, computers, spare tubes, tools, helmets, etc.

  • As previously stated, it’s dangerous sharing the field of battle with motorists armed with 3,000 pound vehicles

Cyclists have the most fun:

  • You get to go fast, 30, 40 even 50 mph! You are rewarded with a descent after a tough climb and get to say “wheeeeeee”

  • You can see 50 to 100 miles of scenery on a single ride

  • You get to work as a team, taking turns pulling at the front, forming echelons to decrease wind drag and signaling road hazards

  • You get to chase KOMs (King of the Mountain) link --- on Strava

Elaina (Iowa)

Credentials: ran in college. Heading to Kona this year after qualifying at IMWI. Kinesiology professor who does research on this stuff. Coaches triathletes & track & cross country. Running is the toughest:

  • Physiologically, running requires the most energy calorically, and the weight bearing impact placed in each step you take makes running undoubtedly the hardest mode of exercise

  • Mentally, running is the toughest as well! Some researchers support the concept that many elite runners are not actually physically superior, but may have a significantly higher pain tolerance that allows them to push themselves when the going gets tough!

Running is the least fun:

  • Because of the physical demands placed on the body, runners tend to have the highest incidents of injury. Mostly because we don’t know how to stop. Instead of taking a day off when we feel pain, we push it until we get some horrendously painful thing that we can’t get through

  • There is no glory for most of us in the sport of running…. We spend hours upon hours training for races that have few spectators, and we gain a measly medal at best. Distance runners are undoubtedly self-motivated!

  • Running is the most fun:

  • There is nothing more natural than running. It is one of the only sports that anyone can truly be good at, and the more you put in, the more you can improve

  • Technique really isn’t that important when compared to most other sports

  • Another awesome thing about running is you don’t need equipment, you can just walk outside and go! All you need is a pair of shoes, and a good attitude!

  • There are so many awesome places you can explore while running- and you need virtually no skill... Bike trails, sidewalks, grass paths, the woods, the options are endless!

  • There is nothing more mind clearing and invigorating than running through the woods by yourself! Running can also be done in nearly any climate- load up on the winter layers, and head on out.

To truly answer this question.... obviously triathletes get to have the most fun!! We get to enjoy/ endure all three awesome modes of exercise in a normal week! Why not have the best of all three worlds?!?!

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