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"After living a very active lifestyle, I went through a period of 5 years of decreased activity, which included starting menopause and gaining 30 pounds. Elaina is helping me get back on track through a safe regimen of exercise and nutrition. In a short 2 months, I have made huge improvements with my running, biking, and swimming and will soon be competing in several sprint triathlons. Regardless of your fitness level or goals, Elaina has the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to get you there!"    -Neely



"Being coached by Elaina for my first marathon was great! She knew me as a runner prior to starting marathon training and tailored it to my running style. She answered all my questions and provided tons of feedback and encouragement. I ended being the second female finisher and running 3:24.36 which was good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I enjoyed working with Elaina and encourage others to as well!        -Michelle




"After meeting Elaina at a few local triathlons, I noticed she was pretty successful. When I decided to hire a coach, I approached Elaina because I knew she was a great triathlete, and also because I wanted help with my eating habits, and she is highly educated on nutrition. My experience has been excellent. I am a 50 year old male who competes mostly as a Clydesdale, and Elaina caters my workout plans to meet my individual goals and works with me each week to modify workouts based on my progress. She is readily available to discuss any questions that I have and is motivating but not pushy. Elaina is always very positive and inspirational to me as she is always upbeat with a huge smile which is needed after some days of training!"         -Wade

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